Our Partners


Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation's mission is to enable the poor, especially the poorest, to create a world without poverty.

Website: http://www.grameenfoundation.org/



A decentralized, farmer owned and private sector serviced extension system, contributing to the realization of the agricultural sector development objectives.

Website: http://www.naads.or.ug/


The National Crops Resources Research Institute

NaCRRI is mandated to conduct, carry out research and knowledge generation for the following commodities/crops; Beans Research Cassava Research Cereals Research Coffee Research (Formerly at Coffee Research Institute in Kituza) Horticulture Research Sweet Potatoes Research

Website: http://nacrri.go.ug/


Microsoft Innovation Centre-Uganda

The Microsoft Innovation Centre is aimed at educating local students to help improve their professional IT knowledge and gain real project experience before graduating.

Website: http://www.microsoft.com/mic


Women of Uganda Network

WOUGNET’s mission is to promote and support the use of ICTs by women and women organisations in Uganda, so that they can take advantage of the opportunities presented by ICTs in order to effectively address national and local problems of sustainable development.

Website: http://wougnet.org/




Website: http://...


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